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Multicolored Spools of Thread

Custom Embroidery

Pricing and Terms of Service

Customer's approval of the work order (via email, text, any of our platforms, etc.) signifies agreement to the following:

Setup charge

Setup charge is the cost of preparing the equipment thread color to match you artwork.  This comes with 4 colors, additional colors at $1.50 each, up to 10 different color changes.  

Fee is waived when ordering 25 or more items.

$10 for set up charge. 

Embroidery Pricing

Embroidery pricing is based on the combined total of the stitch count of the individual design (rounded up to the next 1000) and the cost of the item(s) being embroidered. There is also a one-time set-up cost to digitize your logo/design for machine embroidery.  Prices are subject to change without notice. Connecticut State residents add 6.35% sales tax.

Digitizing Fee

The one-time cost to digitize your logo/design for embroidery:  Starting at prices below.  


Individual Designs

Left Chest - $30

Cap - $30

Jacket  Back - $70

Combination (must be ordered at same time)

Left Chest and Cap - $50

Left Chest (or Cap) and Jacket Back - $90

Left Chest, Cap, and Jacket Back - $110

*If you have your file digitized already, send file to reyes@eejlworldllc.com.   If the file needs to be edited, we will discuss that with you. 

Stitch Count

Embroidery application prices per item purchased from E.E.J.L. WORLD L.L.C.

Less than 8,000 stitches - $12.00

8,000 - 15,000 stitches - $15.00

More than 15,001 stitches - $1.25 per thousand

First hoop on item no charge. Second placing hoop on same item. Small $5, Large $10.  Customers may bring in their own garments.  Allow for 2 tester garments.  For us to test out. You will have to sign a waiver, understand that if it is not one of our items, we cannot replace if any issues arise.

​We have a catalog for garments.  Message us style and color and we will give you pricing for our garments. 


E.E.J.L. WORLD L.L.C. reserves the right to refuse any order and prohibit any designs that negatively impact such as but not limited to obscene, vulgar and discriminatory designs.


All orders require payment in full at time of order. Major credit cards accepted. Due to the personalized nature of our work, all sales are final - there are no cancellations, refunds, returns, or exchanges.


E.E.J.L. WORLD L.L.C. assumes absolutely no responsibility for authenticating the rights held by any customer to any trademark and/or copyright. Any and all liability for any act of trademark and/or copyright infringement rests with the customer and the customer shall indemnify E.E.J.L. WORLD L.L.C. against any and all actions resulting from trademark and/or copyright issues.


Customer grants E.E.J.L. WORLD L.L.C. authorization to use and publish images of finished products in print and/or electronically for any lawful purpose such as publicity, advertising, web content, etc.

Contact Us

Send us detail message for your customs!

50 Highland Ave, Suite 3, Middletown, CT 06457


Please make sure email is correct!  Thanks for submitting!

Opening Hours

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1:00 pm – 8:00 pm

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