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You can come by the shop and try on our practice frame.  To see if this is something you will enjoy!



This course is a 2 day session (second day is choice).  1st day is lesson on how to place your monks cloth & tighten on frame.  Trace your image on a projector or free hand draw.  Learn how to thread & use a tufting gun.  Tuft your rug.  You can stay and glue your rug if you choose so.  If not, we will glue your rug for you.   If you do not want to come back for day 2.  Our students will back and trim your rug for you!  If you decide you want full on experience  for backing and trimming your rug.  You come back on day 2.  We will help you step by step.


Additional course on Carving, is not included in this course.  Giving your rug a 3d illusion!  Any questions, please email us reyes@eejlworldllc.com

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